Meet with a consultant.

Research has consistently shown that the most important ingredient to behavior change is the client and consultant relationship.  FBS consultants and therapists strive to build a rapport with each individual and team member that will enhance the therapeutic effects of each service.  


The overall goal is for our clients to achieve whatever they desire.  FBS will do our best to foster growth and shape positive behaviors at a pace that is appropriate for the individual.  We will reinforce the participation of the entire team to change behavior or increase skill level in our clients.  If we all work together for a common goal we will increase the potential for success and personal growth in our clients. 


Contact us today to set up an appointment with one or more of our consultants or therapists to decide which services or consultants are right for you. "



Take control.


Behavior Management, Music Therapy, and Recreation Therapy services are currently available through many of the state Waiver funding sources as as private pay.  FBS also accepts Traditional Medicaid and other third party payers for our counseling services. 


Contact us today to discuss these or other payment options to initiate services for you or a loved one.



How we can help


Ferraro Behavior Service, LLC has many independent consultants who possess a wide array of experience with many different client populations. We are sure to have a consultant who will be familiar with your situation and can help you or a loved one live a better quality of life. If you have questions regarding any of our services please contact James Ferraro (Owner and Director of Behavior Management) or Heather Palmer (Director of Therapy Services) via phone or email as listed on the "Contact Us" page. We hope to talk with you soon!