History and Mission of FBS

Ferraro Behavior Services, LLC was founded in November of 2007.  Since the beginning FBS has made it a priority to offer treatment based approaches that are client specific.  The goal from the beginning was to empower our clients to have a life full of possibilities despite the challenges of having disabilities.  In addition, the behavior that our therapists and behavior consultants have should model good choice making to our clients.  The professionals at FBS are of the highest standard and our committed to helping our clients live a life full of potential. 


In 2009 music therapy was added as a service available to our clients.  This has resulted in sustained improvement for our clients.  Through the use of music clients are able to address sensory, motor, and social skills deficits.   The music concerts offer our clients opportunities to perform and rehearse favorite songs.   In 2010 the recreation therapy service was made available to our clients.  This service has been a valuable addition to our clients because it addresses the physical, emotional, and social development of the individual.  Sessions are client specific and based off assessments.  Clients enjoy accessing the community and building a productive relationship with the therapist.  Therapists often will involve clients in specific social skills groups that enhance the overall well-being of the individual.  Functionality of the individual is assessed when setting up physical goals for either endurance or strength.


The mission of FBS is to empower our clients to achieve wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  The fundamental principles that guide our services include client centered treatment, creating a behavior support plans or treatment plans that are based off the actual results of the assessments, a collaborative approach that involves the entire team in the process of treatment, communication that is consistent and performed at a high level by our professionals, practitioners that our committed to “doing what we say we are going to do”, role modeling consistency to our clients through regular visits and follow up, and building healthy relationships with our clients that ultimately will have a positive effect on the decrease of problematic behavior and the increase of healthy choice making. 


The most important aspect of an organization is the ability to retain talent.  Since the beginning, FBS has been able to create a working environment that is structured and consistent.  Research has indicated a strong correlation between working professional’s well-being and client well-being.  FBS has created systems that are simplistic to avoid the confusion that often leads to negative results.  The easier something is to implement the less time it will take, thus leading to more time doing productive things.  When mistakes occur it simply is an opportunity to learn how to do it better.  Our goal at FBS is to strive for simplicity in the implementation of our treatment protocols.